What’s your ‘kernel of truth?’

As defined by MacMillan Dictionary, the “kernel of truth” is “the central or most important part of something.”

What’s your kernel of truth?

When you find it, it’s time to start writing your college application essay because that central piece of your personality will make your story compelling and meaningful.

In my brainstorming workshops I talk a lot about finding your kernel of truth and we spend time talking about your passions, your family, and your experiences in an effort to find a subject that truly interests you.

The goal is to find a topic that is so important to you that you WANT to write about it.

Writing your 650-word college essay shouldn’t be an onerous chore. It ought to be a story that pours out of you and reflects the essence of whom you are.

I’ll be offering a brainstorming workshop in June and will send out an announcement shortly.

More information to follow.

There’s plenty of time…Why should I start my essay in June?

The school year is almost over and you are looking forward to your senior year.

Congratulations! You’re at the top of the heap now and you’re calling the shots and setting an example for the underclassmen in your school. Come mid-June you won’t have a care in the world, right?

WRONG! June is the time to start writing your college application essay. This is the only period between now and Feb. 1 when you will have no other pressures on you and you can give the essay the thought and time it needs.

Keep in mind that completing college applications is time-consuming and you will have schoolwork to complete and extra-curricular activities to do, as well.

Your essay is the ticket into the school of your choice. Don’t leave it up to chance. Give yourself enough time to make it the best possible essay you can produce.

Write your draft in June and edit, edit, edit. Give yourself a deadline of July 4 to have a final draft written and ready for review by your English teacher in the fall.

If you want professional help, contact me. This is what I love to do. I am passionate about helping you find the kernel of truth within yourself and telling your story — the one that a college admissions officer will remember and value.

We can get it done in as few as two or three one-hour sessions and it will be one less thing for you to worry about in September.

Together, our process will be simple: Brainstorm, Write, Edit, Submit.