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Law School Applicant

Dear Joyce,

Thank you so much for the valuable feedback you gave me for my personal statement for my law school application. It is because of you I can press the submit button on my law school application with confidence.

Weeks earlier, I had hired law school admissions help through a large commercial prep company that cost thousands of dollars and took up hours of my time.  

I submitted a draft of a personal statement about a month prior to my law school deadlines, but two weeks later, I still did not receive appropriate feedback. I had to switch tutors twice, because the first tutor sent back my essay riddled with grammatical errors. The second tutor used up the rest of my prepaid hours giving me pointless feedback.

The company unreasonably delayed my application process. Still, I wanted a professional to review my work because law admission officers are known to reject applicants based on typos.

I remembered how helpful you were during my undergraduate application process. With the help of your essay, I received a 90 percent full scholarship to my state university for undergraduate studies. I am so glad I used your essay help for both my undergraduate and law school applications.

Thank you for your speedy, clear, and helpful feedback.

–Westminster, Mass.

Parent, Andover High School

I wanted to let you know that C___ was admitted to all 7 schools that he applied to: Marist, St. Lawrence, Ithaca, Fairfield, U Delaware, and UNH. He has until May 1st to make his final decision of course, but looks like he is strongly leaning towards Marist. Obviously, his stellar essay made a big impact on them 😉 Just thought you might like an update.

Andover, Mass.

 Senior, Westford Academy

Hi Joyce,

Thank you for the advice! I submitted my common application last week, but I ended up sticking with the original essay and adding in a few elements. Between your workshop weeks ago and the email feedback, I’ve been able to really refine this piece. It’s all been a huge help, so thank you! 

–Westford, Mass.

Senior, Chelmsford High School

Hello Ms. Crane,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to help me with my college essay. This has all been extremely helpful and I appreciate everything…

I will work on the suggested edits and I will be sure to print a copy and read it with my family members.

–Chelmsford, Mass.

Senior, Westford Academy

Hello Mrs. Crane!

I just wanted to thank you again for working with me!
I really enjoyed discussing my essay with you and I felt so much better about it after we talked it through. I’m so glad that you were able to meet with me on such a short notice! I’m still nervous about applying to colleges, but with an essay that I love the stress is reduced a lot. I’ll let you know how the application process goes!
I appreciate you taking time to work with me so much! 🙂

–Westford, Mass.