Why am I struggling to write this essay?

Your college essay tells an admissions officer why you belong at that college or university. You know you want to be there and you’re certain it’s the right fit for you, but how do you convince someone else of that? You’re struggling to find the right words.

If the essay doesn’t feel right, it’s because you haven’t yet gotten to the kernel of truth about yourself. We present ourselves to the world in layers. We are a daughter, son, sister, brother, musician, athlete, outdoor enthusiast. We are someone’s best friend or worst enemy, a lover of poetry and an avid football fan. We love to cook, run, play Scrabble, tell jokes.

But deep inside you have a story to tell that is yours alone. Finding it takes a little time and a lot of thinking. I’ll lead you through brainstorming exercises that will help you discover your essence. The goal is for you to become so interested in telling your story that you’ll want to write the essay.

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