Last minute writing

Last minute writing is a bad idea — plain and simple.

If you’ve got a Feb. 1 deadline for your college application essay, have a final draft written by Monday, Jan. 25. Put it down and come back to it on Wednesday, Jan. 27. Ask your family members to read it. Print it and review the hard copy. Look for areas that need more precise writing, better verbiage, or clarification.

Eliminate all unnecessary words and extraneous sentences.

Check for typographical and grammatical errors.

Make sure you have no more than 650 words because the College Board software won’t accept an essay that has more words than the maximum limit.

Your essay should reflect your spirit and self-truth. Does your topic lend itself to a metaphorical depiction of a lesson you’ve learned? Does it show how you’ve grown in spirit? Does it have imagery? Can you paint a picture for your reader?

Hiring a professional can help keep you on schedule and avoid the last minute sprint as the clock ticks toward deadline.

Good luck!

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