An example of a lovely essay

I just came across this essay (“A Heartbroken Temp at”) and thought I’d share it with you.

Though the topic is not one that would likely be used for a college application, it is an example of a story that has a strong beginning and thoughtful ending with a tone that inspires sympathy and empathy.

When writing your college essay, try to stir emotion in your reader. The story will be more compelling and memorable.

Writing an essay with emotion requires self-exploration. Brainstorm topics by bouncing ideas off your parents, siblings, friends and extended family. Try to recall an incident that taught you something or made you come to terms with a reality.

Don’t be afraid to use humor. Don’t avoid writing about heartbreak. Don’t be shy about writing about victory, leadership, and success. As long as you write well and stay genuine, your essay will touch a chord in your reader.

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