College essays are being edited this week

Six rising seniors are working on their college essays this week after taking my workshop on Aug. 3 entitled “Brainstorm your college essay.”

Their story topics are all compelling and genuine — the essence of a good essay. The group did a writing exercise by describing their bedrooms in detail to get ideas flowing and we delved into their lives a bit to uncover their interests and passions.

Some are writing about the contrast in cultures they’ve experienced growing up in ethnic households. Others are writing about coping with loss or disappointment. Each is illustrating a period of growth and maturation as they found resolution. They are showing their resiliency and willingness to persevere.

Put yourself in the shoes of a college admissions officer. What would you look for in a freshman candidate? College requires endurance, time management and social skills, and flexibility. An admissions officer wants to admit students who will succeed on campus.

The students and I are in the draft editing phase. After my workshops I read the students’ first drafts and make comments and suggestions.

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