Another brainstorming workshop on tap; SOLD OUT!

I’ll be holding another college essay brainstorming workshop tomorrow and I can’t wait to meet my students.

With only six available seats, the workshop is full.

The students are all rising seniors on their way to bright futures. My role is to help them get over one hurdle — the college essay.

The essay gives them the opportunity to define themselves and to highlight what makes them a unique asset to the college of their choice. It takes thoughtfulness and a few written drafts to get to your kernel of truth. Understanding yourself and your value is a powerful tool for a successful life. If you nail that at age 17 or 18, you’ve got a head start.

This is why I’m always so excited to lead the workshops. I love seeing that self-realization surface in young people and I enjoy helping them capture it in words.

If you’re struggling to find a topic for your college application essay, check back here for more writing insights from the College Essay Confidante.

If you’d like to participate in one of my three-hour workshops, just let me know.

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